Film Review

The new cinema release Star Trek Beyond is an extremely entertaining adventure exploring a screen shot in the lives of star fleets best and brightest. This movie is packed with action, humour and even touches on delicate life questions we all experience at least once in our lives. The third Start Trek film features a diverse cast which is portrayed as particularly significant during the movie, as the scenes continuously follow the struggles of each character; putting emphasis on the feeling of an ensemble cast. This more inclusive cast idea stretches away from the previous two pictures as they concentrated on the main star James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and his story, with the others characters as friends he picked up along the way. Though this new feature resembles more of the warmth and strong character atmosphere that defines most of the aspects of the original Star Trek series. And being a lover of the classics, this gave me an immediate affinity towards the film as the respect for the original is exhibited right from the very beginning. I was also extremely impressed by how this is shown through the journey of Spock and Bones when they are separated from the rest of the crew. The writers, one of them being cast member Simon Pegg (Scotty) have really surpassed themselves with the dialogue between the two characters as yet again, the likeness between the original Spock and Bones banter is uncanny to that of the witty conversation in the new movie. On the other hand, the villain in this movie played by the brilliant Idris Elba wasn’t as compelling as Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan. For me, the character was a little distant and acted more as someone for the crew to react to. The film as a whole builds a lot slower than the existing movies, as each act makes a steady incline of awe and excitement rather than peaking at specific moments. This is definitely a result of the Star Trek trilogy taking on a new director, Justin Lin. He takes more of a character building approach in contrast to J.J. Abrams’ signature blockbuster experience. Personally, this movie is my favourite out of the three for its detailed character exploration, perfectly scripted dialogue and the directors choice to stay true to the classics. Thus I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing more of Justin Lin’s work.


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