Pros and Cons of Employment Contracts

Full Time Permanent Contract

  • Pros
    • Job security
    • Employee benefits
    • Advancement opportunities
  • Cons
    • Inability to work a second job
    • No flexible hours
    • Binding you to work for a certain amount of time

Part Time Permanent Contract

  • Pros
    • More time for leisure activities
    • Reduced stress
    •  Less hours to commit to
  • Cons
    • less income than a full time contact
    • No contact termination (except within your legal rights)

Freelance Contract

  • Pros
    • More control over your career
    • Higher hourly rate
    • Choosing which projects to work on
  • Cons
    • Spend more time learning the other work areas to build your business
    • Sufficient self-discipline
    • Uneven income



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