Film Production User Guide

A step by step user guide explaining the techniques and processes involved in using film production equipment.

Equipment Piece 1


This is the central hub for controlling the lights in the studio. It’s called the 16 channel lighting Desk. It controls brightness of the two different types of lights; LED and florescent flood lights. Down the side of the panel is a master fader. This can dim or brighten all of the lights simultaneously. Controls 1 – 5 manage the front lighting space, in front of the set.

Equipment Piece 2


Whilst controls 6 – 7 manage the back lights behind the curtain. This is to replicate natural day light coming from outside the window.

Equipment Piece 3


There are 2 spot lights and 3 flood lights in the studio. The spot lights use a concentrated beam of light to illuminate a specific area, whilst the flood lights brighten a whole section. Between these lights is a space about a half inch wide that allows for a coloured sheet of paper. These removable sheets can be any colour you desire, as the white light shines through the sheet, the space in front will be that colour also.

Equipment Piece 4

On the other side of the studio, lies the green screen.img_5784

Shooting with a backdrop of one colour, for instance green, means its easy to make that colour transparent and impose another image of your choice over the top. However the removable coloured sheets I were talking about previously canNOT be used with the green screen as they will disrupt the transparency process and make the purpose of the green screen void. Only white light can be shone on this piece of equipment. Furthermore, the black tape that can be seen above, is used to marks the best area for the subject to stand in whilst using the green screen. If you follow the line of the of the mark and stand in the centre, it is the optimum area for shooting. As you can see, in this green screen, there is a tear. This tear will not reflect the image imposed on the green screen, and will appear as what it is (the floor) in your footage. This must be repaired before this piece of equipment can be used properly.

All lighting aimed at the green screen, must be on 100% power, any other percent will again hinder the green screens capacities. This can be accomplished using the Lighting desk, from controls 13 onwards. All lights aimed at the green screen must also be in use at the same time. Using only the front light will create shadow behind the subject which could ruin your shot. Whereas using only one the back lights will create a green glow around the body or object. This is because the colour reflects of the screen onto your subject. However, using ALL green screen lights will minimise all of these side effects making for a more proficient piece of equipment.

Equipment Piece 5


This is a mike stand used to carry and steady a microphone out of shot. The mike is slotted in on the right side of the pole, whilst at the other end is a weight to counterbalance the burden of the microphone.

img_5786As the pole is extended, the weight can be adjusted accordingly by sliding it along the stem. Above the weight is a stopping nut which when tightened, will keep the weight in one fixed position.



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